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Task Forces Byrne Justice Grants For Fy 2015

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Michigan is located between the major drug markets of Chicago and New York City, shares an
international border with Canada, and has three of the 25 busiest commercial land ports in the
United States. The Detroit and Port Huron border crossings are major trans-shipment points for
large quantities of club drugs and high potency Canadian indoor-grown marijuana. Michigan is
currently experiencing a significant public health problem due to the rise in users of heroin.
Overdose deaths increased from 271 during the four-year period of 1999-2002 to 728 from
2010-2012 (Michigan Department of Community Health, 2013). A major reason is the rise in
costs of the harder to get prescription opiates. Methamphetamine continues to be a problem in
western and rural Michigan. Meth lab seizures increased from 299 in 2010 to 352 in 2015.
Cocaine and crack cocaine continue to pose a significant threat in the region through major road
transportation routes. The availability and abuse of heroin are increasing, with a marked rise in
the heroin use by young adults. The exploitation of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act has
become a major problem for law enforcement in the region



Priority targeted drugs for 2015 will be:
1. Heroin
2. Prescription Opiates
3. Methamphetamine
4. Cocaine
Applications should contain goals for these drugs in your target area.



Establishment of criteria to identify, select, and prioritize narcotic
investigations with emphasis on community harm. Coordination and
monitoring of cases to ensure effective management and supervision of
shared investigation and prosecutorial resources and activities.



Reduced overdose deaths; reduced drug overdoses; reduced drug-
related crime; and, decreased number of persons requiring treatment.
Increased arrests, narcotics, and cash seizures for priority drugs.


while the priorities are for heroin, prescriptions, meth and cocaine, the details still point to marijuana arrests. i guess we'll see.

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