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Need A Complete Strain Wiki

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i am constantly reminded when searching for strain info, that there is no Black's Dictionary of Strains.  there's no guide that has all, or most of the names, no "just-the-facts" grower's summary, no odor strength scale.  try to find how much odor la confidential has in grow compared to blue dream. or what each smells like in a grow of 10 plants of the strand, weed or rotten mangoes or carrots or reeks skunk.  the existing strain primers lack detail that inquiring minds picking their next strain want to know.  i'd like to see an mmma strain wiki that becomes the known strain authority of the cannabis world.  

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currently i'm searching for next year's strain for someone who doesn't know i'm doing any searching, a cg bud whose 24 giant plants got ripped last weekend--weird thieves on a july holiday in the hood?  nah, prolly just neighbors.  

anyway the strain he had reeked skunk from his backyard for two blocks, he thot on that stagnant day, and somebody...

so i'm sure he still wants a sept finish but needs a no or lo odor strain that still gives a high score strain review.

so i am searching for a fantasy plant.

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I had also been thinking about a strain list for the 3MA site.

I have 'googled' strains several times and so oft the seed banks

come to the top. 

It would be nice to see us in the top of the search.


Nothing lengthy, perhaps just the genetics to begin with?


The thread subject should be worded for optimum hits and also

tagged accordingly imo.

Simple, like Cannabis Strains.

I tried to start such a thread a couple of months ago but was unable

to get the tags on it lol.

I am of the opinion tagging is essential :)

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Other than a very generic, "tastes great, less filling" description it would be hard to cover everything.


There are so many seed banks now that all have their own version of a particular strain. Attitude lists White Widow from over two dozen breeders. Each one is different to some extent.


That doesn't take into account variations among those, like auto flower and feminized.

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then there's the varying effects that people report, changing from day to day, diet to diet, garden to garden, drying techniques, storage, age, harvest window, light intensity/type, etc, etc. "tastes like lemon, makes me think" or similar is enough for me to try, or not, for now.


I agree with trial and error also, in ones own garden of course. growing your own food and medicine is extremely gratifying and a right not practiced enough.

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