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How Tall Will This Plant Grow?


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Ok, so after the whole hermie episode I stopped growing for a bit as genetics for me are very difficult to come by (impossible might also be a word I would chose), anyway I was able to get my hands on a few seeds of questionable quality. So, Ive got these two plants in flower, they actually look quite well! They are both reaching 6 feet tall and one has surpassed the light source so I obviously need to move the ballast higher. I am wondering if I should just raise it another foot and it shouldn't grow much taller? I have up to another 10 feet before I run out of space, the light is very difficult for me to adjust  by myself( I really need a pulley system) so might I be better off just putting it all the way up? The plant has been in flower 3 weeks today. I was told its Dead Dog.

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