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Colorado And Washington Successful, Now Wheres The Rest?


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Colorado and Washington went legal because the voters in those states saw that California had no problems after 15 years of a pretty liberal medical marijuana law. They also noticed that dozens of other states have had no societal breakdowns due to medical marijuana and came to the conclusion that the cost to society of having marijuana prohibition is worse than the cost of permitting use of the drug.


Politicians do not want to come out for or against prohibition because 1/2 of the voters are still not convinced. Eventually, due to the slow crawl of legalization, a solid majority will realize what the voters of Colorado and Washington have realized : the cost of prohibition is more than the cost of legalization.


The politicians are letting the citizens take the lead on this issue. A politicians number one concern is self preservation so they do not want to get on one side or the other until it is blatantly obvious which side has won.

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It is funny to watch the politicians avoid the issue at all cost. They don't want to be the ones responsible for liberalized cannabis use. We have it figured out. It is the electorate that has taken and will continue to take matters into our own hands. We are giving them a big bite of a hot, steamy schit sandwich. I don't know that it can be rightly said that they are letting the citizens lead. Rather, the citizens are fed up and have forcefully taken the issue out of their inept hands.


Keep your nose in the wind, your eyes on the horizon, and your shoulder to the wheel. We will finish this job.

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The Legislature and Gov are going to fast track "Medical Pot for Potholes" legislation when they get back.

They need something that resonates with conservative and libertarian constituents in this election year.

We want cannabis at a good value for debilitated people, only more liberally allowed. Jacking up prices with taxation and dispensary costs are not just unnecessary, but unfair. Legislation to permit pharm markets would be much more in tune with patient needs. 

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