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Can I Switch It Up? Dirt Up To Flowering Stage And Then Coco?

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My plants are doing beautifully and a couple of them have more than doubled in size this last week.  It's getting time to put them in bigger pots and start their flowering stage.  Trouble is I would need to find soil without any nutrients, right? Is it possible to put them into coco at this point?  Will the soil on the roots mess everything up?  Or do I just need to repot into bigger pots with sterile nutrient free soil?  Would it be better to find a potting soil with the right nutes for flowering?  I'm a total newbie so I don't know quite what to do here and only have a week to make up my mind and get all set.  These were started from seed, grown in miracle grow soil and are doing wonderful in a very short period of time but my next decision is crucial and I could use some advice. Thanks.

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you might want to find a book on growing. i think you somehow got on the wrong track.

any kind of transplanting will slow growth. changing medium (dirt to coco) is a huge step and not recommended, esp for beginners.


your plants need nutrients during flower.

remember, the plants will make all those giant buds for you in flower, they cant do that if you starve them of nutes.

you think the growth in veg was a lot?? ehehe, wait until you see them FLOWER. you'll soon find yourself out of room in your grow room!


stick with the dirt, although i'd recommend something organic (worm castings) instead of miracle grow. bigger pots with more dirt is what you want.

the biggest pots you can handle is the best idea! dont take my word. put your plants in a variety of pot sizes and see what works best without going overkill. try one of those airpot / smartpot or even octopot things.


quick advice:

follow instructions on bottle of nutrients, but always use 1/4 or 1/2 of recommended amount. you can underfeed your plants but when you overfeed it can cause a lot more problems.


remember that when you are using an amended soil like miracle grow, the soil already has fertilizer in it.

so you want to be careful on how to proceed. its possible that the dirt you have already has enough nutes to make it to finish.


compost tea can be used no matter how many ferts you have in the soil. so if you just want to buy a compost tea kit or make your own, or just get free tea from a local hydro store each week.


in the last 2 weeks of flower, remember to flush and only use water , no nutes.


make sure you got a filter + fan, because in a few weeks its going to start stinking.

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