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Illinois Legalizes Medical For Seizures And Epilepsy


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(Reuters) - Illinois children and adults with epilepsy will soon be allowed to use marijuana to ease their symptoms under a law signed on Sunday by Democratic Governor Pat Quinn, the latest in a series of measures loosening restrictions on cannabis by U.S. states.



The move to add epilepsy and other seizure disorders to the list of conditions legal to treat with marijuana or its extracts comes as numerous states have made medical use of the drug legal. Two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized its recreational use.



“This new law will help alleviate the suffering of many adults and children across the state,” Quinn said in statement. “Epilepsy is a debilitating condition, and this much-needed relief will help to reduce some of its symptoms for those who endure seizures."


The Illinois law, which takes effect in January, would allow children who experience seizures to be treated with non-smokable forms of cannabis, as long as they have permission from a parent.

“I have a 14-year-old constituent by the name of Hugh who lives with epilepsy,” said Republican state lawmaker Jim Durkin, who co-sponsored the new law. “His parents, Bob and Kelly, want to provide their son with as much relief as possible. Unfortunately, traditional medications and methods have not worked."


The state is putting the final touches on a broader medical marijuana plan, a tightly regulated program whose regulations were finalized just last week.

Residents will be allowed to apply for permission to use the drug to treat medical conditions in September, and the full program is expected to be up and running early next year, Quinn spokeswoman Katie Hickey said on Sunday.

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When they bring in epilepsy, i smell the CBD's only law.. Not that i think they can't have it, but thc is responsible for many things as well, i see it that they want to exclude thc from the mix, and i believe it takes both to help if not epilepsy, then something else..   JMHO

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I have been referring to the 'CBD Only' legislation as the 'Marinol Mistake'.  When it came out, those opposed to medical cannabis pointed to Marinol and said, "There, if you need marijuana, there is Marinol.  There is no need for the rest of the plant. End of story!"


Now, these various legislatures are being slapped in the head with evidence that CBD can be helpful.  They are grudgingly accepting CBD now and saying, "There if you need marijuana, we have a high CBD option and of course, Marinol too.  There is no need for the rest of the plant.  End of story!"


While I am glad for the epilepsy patients, we can't let the CBD Only legislation shut the door on further cannabis research again.

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