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Vote On Proposed Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Nursery Delayed


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The Ypsilanti Township Planning Commission Tuesday night delayed a public hearing on a proposed medical marijuana dispensary and nursery until the commission's August meeting.


A hearing on a requested special use permit that would allow Stella's Place LLC to build the dispensary at 435 Joe Hall Drive was scheduled for Tuesday evening's meeting, but the owners never showed up. The parent company of Stella's Place is Detroit-based Michigan Wellness Group.


No reason was provided and the owners couldn't be reached for comment on Tuesday.


The company is proposing the dispensary in a light industrial zone, but Eastern Michigan University's Foundation Office, located at 1349 S. Huron St., is within 1,000 feet of the site.


The township's ordinance regarding medical marijuana facilities states they cannot be located within 1,0000 feet of schools, churches, child care organizations, libraries, universities or residential uses or districts, and a special use permit would be required.


Township Planning Coordinator Joe Lawson said the public hearing wasn't published in a newspaper of record on time so a vote couldn't happen, but officials still expected the owners to go to the hearing to help answer a number of questions about the operation.


"They didn’t provide a lot of written documentation when they turned in their application," Lawson said, adding that he had to trace Stella's Place LLC with the state to find out that the parent company is the Michigan Wellness Group. He said he then went to its website to learn more about the operation.


Lawson said that led to several concerns about what services it offers and whether they're legal under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.


Lawson also said it appears the business might violate some of the township's ordinances concerning caregiver to patient relationships. Caregivers can only grow up to 12 plants for themselves and five registered patients.


"I'm not quite sure after reviewing the website that they abide by our rules, so I was hoping we could get some clarification on that along with rest of business model," Lawson said.

The next hearing date is Aug. 26.



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