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Mtg Seeds Has Anyone Grown Their Cb Diesel Or Pina Collision?

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Got 2 packs of freebies of the pres 1.2  had to get something with Juicy fruit in it.  Going to see if they have the orange creamsicle today.  Haven't grown anything from them yet.  The Pina collision was on my watch list.  Looks good.  I'm just getting for genetics to cross though.  Not too worried about yield or ease, etc. as i'll pick something good from them.

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I picked both set of seeds at the cup was wondering if anyone had any experience with these strains or MTG at all


Their from 'Laytonville'---i was shocked to see them here!


Shows how far we've come...i mean when laytonvillians show up in flint....?.....WOW!


I suggest google laytonville to see the area those genetics are from


Jango is legendary up there....


I would also suggest their 'covelo' sour D ....its some stellar stinky stinky green sticky icky if you do it right


Tops on my list since covelo has been one place holding old old variations of the sour D-and is a 'closed' community in the mtns

Their version is in a class of its own-


and also they're pres kush has won a lot of awards out there and is a kept local secret


Any of their genetics your getting some real deal emerald triangle old school genes


Cherry bomb is another of their legendary--- IBL paki cherry...nice to breed w



And their cbdiesel supposedly is a 15:1 cbd ratio ....they worked on it a long time

....yeah get it out here in the mitten


Was nice to see those folks here....and G3 (GGG)mk here too-


gUd lUcK

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