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Cannabis Saving Nettie !


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A Florida single mother of four announced this week that she believes a strain of cannabis has saved the life of her youngest child, 19-month-old Nettie, after doctors said that no more could be done to keep her alive. “Nettie was going to die,” Rachael Garner told Yahoo Health about her daughter. “I feel 100 percent sure it has saved her life.”


Nettie — who was born with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus (a buildup of fluid on the brain), which was causing frequent seizures — was hospitalized with two strains of pneumonia in June, when doctors said she would soon die. On July 2, Garner started her daughter on a rogue treatment plan of cannabidiol, or CBD, which is a non-psychoactive, THC-free marijuana compound; it had been sent to her gratis, from California-based provider Stephen Carmen, of Carmen CBD Oils, who found Nettie’s story on Facebook. Garner, a 33-year-old certified pharmacy technician (currently not working) who reads medical journals and was familiar with stories about CBD and seizures, readily accepted. And 24 hours after the first treatment, which involves administering drops under the tongue, Garner noticed a remarkable turnaround in Nettie.



“I picked her up, and instead of being scared, like she usually is, she smiled,” Garner recalled. “Later, she cooed, and she’s never been verbal.” She added that it was like “a miracle,” she said — particularly since she had lost another child, 10-month-old Raquel, to the same condition about a year before Nettie was born.


While Nettie’s story is still ongoing — she’s been sick with chest congestion lately, although she’s remained seizure free since that first dose, and her family is raising money for medical expenses — hers is just one of many that point to CBD as a viable treatment for seizures. This past year has seen much coverage of families who have flocked to Colorado, one of 23 states where medical marijuana is legal (with more pending), and where there have been reports of CBD helping children with Dravet Syndrome, which can cause constant, life-threatening seizures. As of May, according to the Gazette, 180 children in Colorado were taking the oil, with thousands more on a waiting list.

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