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Recommendation Or Card?

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Howdy & welcome.


I suggest going with the opinion that would jive with with LARA states in the FAQ on page 6:




What do I do between the time I sent my application to the MMP and when it is approved or denied? 
Once it has been 20 business days since the date the check or money order has been cashed, (if the 
patient has not received a certified letter of denial from the State) then in most cases, the patient (and if a 
caregiver was designated on the application) has been approved. Pursuant to the Michigan Medical Marihuana 
Act and Administrative Rules, the copy of the application is deemed a valid registration card until the card is 
received. The patient (and if a caregiver was designated on the application) should receive their registry ID 
cards within approximately 60 days.
Please be aware that not all law enforcement will accept a copy of the application and you may consider 
waiting until the registry ID card is received or seek legal counsel before you proceed to obtain medicinal 
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You can acquire, but if you somehow get in a pickle, you might need an attorney. Only a card protects you from arrest. If you can quietly acquire (from a source other than a cop) you should be ok.




Only a card protects you from arrest? maybe, and it might ,  and it is suppose too , also it will deepen where you live or( caught inn )


Welcome to the MMMA

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