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As a former Soldier I have to say that Motomesh system is awesome and promises to really enhance our battlefield capability. If we had systems like that in Iraq in 2004 things would have been quite a bit better, at least from a command and control perspective. As a citizen now back home here in the States I also have to say that it makes me very nervous that our LEO's are using systems designed to prosecute wars against armed and organized enemies of the United States. Last time I checked, We the People were not an armed and organized enemy of the United States, nor was our Nation designated a battlefield or war zone. Or maybe our Government now considers us to be the enemy or we are soon expected to become the enemy. That really says something about how things are going in our land. Very sad times we live in.

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again, buy a lead lined (or other rf blocking lining) case and keep your fone in it.


or just take the battery out of your phone while driving around. because you dont need your phone while driving anyways. distracted driving is worse than drunk driving! put the phone down!!!

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