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Some folk would have you believe these businesses are legal......Don't fall for it!


Of course the owner will plea and all the patient/club data will be turned over to Leo for intense scrutiny.


The Governor, AG, House and Senate, courts are majority republican. That's why we as a State are lagging behind in many industries.


Expect the beat down to continue till we are a Blue State once again.


If there is to be progress for Cannabis the fknrepublicans. GOT TO GO!


Vote EVERY republican out of office.....The future of our Country, Children and Cannabis depends on it.

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you know the ratio of repubs to democrats is 50/50 . 


you are going to have to come up with other ideas besides 'vote them out'.

He did that on the other thread. lol


The ratio of ignorance to enlightened is 50/50 too. The intersection of the two is 75/25. We have work to do is all. A lot of folks get fooled into voting how they do. We saw that here with the misconceptions with ObamaCare and immigration. People don't understand much about either issue but vote emotionally about them anyway.

Here's a target; Enlighten a Michigan farmer. They are totally lost right now. Sucking up to Snyder. At the same time they desperately need immigrant labor. How does a farmer build a row of small houses for his immigrant labor force and then vote R? Point it out. It's real.

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the initial war on marijuana in 1937 was based solely on racial paranoia. A paranoia that was perpetuated and enabled by both political parties (to say that the Drug War was an exclusively Republican creation is a complete falsehood) The lie that was perpetuated by our nation’s 1st Drug Czar, Harry J. Anslinger, was that African American jazz musicians were preying on white women while hopped up on weed. With the blessing of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, Anslinger lead the way into getting the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 passed by a Democratic Party majority Congress and signed into law.


For you right wingers and Republicans foaming at the mouth over this fact, you don’t get off that easy either. 40 years ago, Yorba Linda’s favorite son Richard M. Nixon declared his “war on drugs” as a way of diverting the nation’s attention from our involvement in Vietnam and the subsequent illegal bombings in Cambodia. Instead of using the likes of Charlie “Bird” Parker and Dizzy Gillespie as his chosen bogeyman, it was those long haired hippie galoots with poor hygenie and tye dyed t shirts speaking out against the war.


Without a debate from Congress, the Drug Enforcement Administration was created in 1973. In 1989, as an overture to Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign, the Office of National Drug Control Policy was made into a cabinet level position (aka “Drug Czar”) as part of the Anti Drug Abuse Act of 1988, a House bill sponored by former Speaker of the House Thomas Foley (D-WA). The bill passed 346 – 11 in the House and 87-3 in the Senate. In fact it was then Sen. Joe Biden who we can credit for coining the term “drug czar.”


When the drug laws that outlawed the use and distribution of marijuana in the US were passed, overall public sentiment over the drug was a wholly negative one thanks to the smear campaign efforts of newspaper magnate and millionaire tycoon William Randolph Hearst. (1863-1951) This was because of his racist attitude toward the Mexican population of the US at that time, who he reasoned were the largest consumers of the drug.


Hearst was typographically and politically the non-Jewish, Jew hating, godfather of Fox News' current owner, Roger Ailes,(1940-present) in his own time; and he is known to be the progenitor of what was known as "yellow journalism" or as it is known today, "sensationalist news".


Mr. Hearst's anti-marijuana smear campaign was so extreme, and so successful, over the time of his life overall, that it inspired both Democrats and Republican lawmakers in both the legislative and executive branches of national and state governments to ratify and sign provisions against the drug.

Rumors also persist that Hearst and DuPont company petrochemical interests wished to eliminate hemp as an industrial competitor.


My second article source also mentions one Harry J. Anslinger, (1892-1975) as another rich and powerful marijuana prohibitionist, who was directly and strongly involved in creating U.S. government anti-drug policy. Taking the head office of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics from 1930 till 1962, he is largely responsible for indoctrinating the majority of modern anti-marijuana laws prior to the "War on Drugs" era. Mr. Anslinger, as you may have guessed, was also close pal of William Randolph Hearst throughout Hearst's lifetime, and shared his inaccurate and racist views concerning the primary users of the marijuana drug.


Fukken Dems, Fukken Repubs, Fukken people who buy into the separation and put them into office. fukk all of them right!

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The here and now is all theater.  When it get's too close a democrat will just pull a Cuomo and side with the repubs like they did on the transport law.

There are republicans masquerading as democrats with their ideals. My wife's uncle is a solid R. He's lives it every day in his actions and words. But he ran as a D and won. Cuomo just fooled those who voted for him. Do you think that he just started being shallow and unreal or was he like that all along?
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He passed the safe act, he's no republican.  He wants to be president. They all do and will act in whatever way they think will get them there.  They build up political clout for favors.  they'll vote one way and when it is right for their career they sell out for more favors and power.

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He passed the safe act, he's no republican.  He wants to be president. They all do and will act in whatever way they think will get them there.

Well ya. That's how they do it. The trick is to have your fellow Americans understanding exactly what is going on and making it clear what they want because they understand the issues. Clear up all the muddy water and lies, the bait and switches, shine a light. Just like when people started to understand ObamaCare, 54% are now in favor of it.
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I have plenty of political views and plenty of social and personal prejudices. I do not, however, value them.




"Everything is political. I will never be a politician or even think political. Me just deal with life and nature. That is the greatest thing to me." Bob Marley


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