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Solvent - Alcohol Warning

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I recently purchased a bottle of 190 Everclear through Wine Chateau. At best it was only around 100 proof. It wasn't even as strong as 151 Everclear. It tasted like it was half sugar water. I took a big loss on an extraction because of it. Luckily there was enough alcohol left over to sample. I am not sure if it was due to Everclear or the supplier. I will probably be finding out though, I reported it to the proper people. The Wine Chateau also messed my order up by not sending me the brand of polish vodka that I ordered. They sent a substitute without my approval. It was an acceptable product, but I can no longer trust them. They had no intentions with being reasonable with me or even trying to make things right. Everclear (Luxco) on the other hand was more than happy to try to make it right with me, even if it was not their fault. I told them they have nothing I want.


I have used 190 Everclear in the past with no complaints. I am hoping this is an isolated incident, but I wish the same upon nobody.


Anyway, you may want to taste test your alcohol before trying it with an extraction.


I did a comparison between the bad 190 Everclear, 192 Proof Polish Vodka, and 99% isopropyl. I am not sure if this has much meaning with extractions, but the results bothered me. I did a burn test with all three in a clean clear pyrex dish. The 192 proof polish vodka burned perfectly clean with a nice blue flame and no liquid remained, no residue was left behind. The bad everclear barely flamed, it only burned half of the liquid and had a yellow tipped flame. What was remaining seemed like it was sugar water. I know this is not normal for everclear. I will not make any more purchases from Wine Chateau. The burn test with the 99% iso was kind of disturbing. I am not claiming there is anything wrong with 99% iso, just not comfortable with the burn test results. The 99% iso burned mostly blue but with some yellow flame. It left a lot of residue and did not completely burn all of the liquid. This kind of bothers me.


Just wanted to share this information with the community.


Me personally, I am sticking with the 192 proof polish vodka or 200 proof ethyl alcohol. I would hate to see somebody else loose out on an extraction before checking the alcohol. For now on I am ordering my alcohol from Malloy's Finest Wine and Spirits. I have a link to the polish vodka in my QWISO blog.

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making your own 198 is cheap and fun. see my essential tools of the trade thread for details http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/topic/44672-essential-tools-of-the-trade/page-1

the equipment is simple, the techniques are age old, and the recipes can be manipulated. I've found boiling potatoes and using the drained water with sugar and yeat to produce the absolute(pun) best drinking/extraction liquid fire I've ever had. I put it through some wild Juniper berries, or soak burned oak chips etc for excellent change ups.

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