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Venting Out A Window

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Yeah the whole setup worked quite well while I was learning. We were right in the front of a big complex my wife was the manager at the time, and no one knew a thing. Until I purged some oil that stank up the whole building ......... That stirred things up a bit lol

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I believe if it is not your home, venting out the chimney is a violation of some code or another.

I don't recall where I heard this from but I do recall I trust the source.

Yeah cuz you can get carbon monoxide going into your vent depending on where it is placed. But a lot of furnace chimneys are not used anymore with high efficiency furances being vented through PVC these days. So that's an opportunity.


Also if you're handy you could put in a false PVC plumbing vent stack that has a dedicated use for your venting needs. No one would know it wasn't a plumbing vent stack.  If you do that though make sure you have a way for it to drain because it will get rain and stuff in it.  The best way is to have it terminate with an elbow that leads to your plumbing drain. 

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65%. not perfect, but added to normal duct rubber and rubber feet mounts they quiet right down. I didn't worry of neighbors but the fans were in my home. floor, wall, was loud as heck, so instead.... I suspended the whole line even the stink sock was in a mesh bag hanging. Next room sleeping couldn't hear much at all.


skip the expense, figure it out with old pillows and a blanket next time.

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heres a video of a fan with and without a muffler. it really can reduce noise a lot.


but you dont have to spend $100+ on that. putting ANY tube (or even a couple inline fans) over the main fan will decrease the noise. i put some in-vent fans and a homemade 6in to 4in vent converter (a large 3 gallon bottle with the bottom and part of the top cut off)... and the noise decreased a lot.


of course, this is the macguyver duct tape thing and you lose some air flow doing this.

you can also get a voltage ... regulator? that lowers the rpm of your inline fan, which will REALLY decrease the fan noise.


theres other tricks like building a sound proof box around the fan.

or using sound proof vent tubing. etc.


theres this video on sticking foam in a vent tube for sound proofing, but i think this guy is crazy.


or build a baffle box.



lots of different tricks. just make sure you dont start any fires. macguyver was a tv show, not a documentary!

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Here it boys the solution to the problem. These guys have a standardized window insert for stealth window venting. They also do custom designs. Contact them through their website at www.evolvecannabis.ca I picked one up and couldn't be happier. 

From their website:

Introducing the first of our line of growing products for small scale home cultivation:

Our patent pending plug and play intake and exhaust ventilation insert for sliding windows:

- Polystyrene core with R rating of 7;

- Air intake port with filter media and coarse grill cover (to keep out pests);

- Air exhaust port with coarse grill cover to (keep out pests);

- 4" ducting connectors; 

- Durable vinyl all weather wrap; and

-With integrated formable sides to ensure proper seal with window.

The piece is 3 feet long designed to fit any domestic sliding window. Upon receipt of product customer will cut the piece to fit their specific window size and slide into place.

We also do custom orders to fit your specific situation! Contact us to discuss your needs!





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