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I've had a lot of people asking if we can do a farmers market or a trade up session at the compassion club now that the city ordinance in Mt. Pleasant allows for small quantities of marijuana for those 21 and older...answer NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Listen folks- People with cards transferring to anybody other than their designated patients are in violation of the MMMA. People without cards possessing marijuana of ANY quantity is in violation of state law, which the Mt. Pleasant police has already stated they will continue to follow despite the city ordinance. You do not have a free pass in Mt. Pleasant, MI. What you have is a symbolic movement that tells our elected officials how we feel. That is really all. Don't be fooled by wishful thinking. If you qualify for a medical marijuana card, get one. If you don't, you have no protection in Mt. Pleasant, Mount Clemens, Mount Morris, or any other Mountain in Michigan. 


Be safe out there, folks! Certifications are a hundred and fifty bucks, fighting for your freedom- about $5,000.00


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Really, I just want to get the word out to the people of Mt. Pleasant, and surrounding communities that they should go about their business as if nothing has changed, because that IS the case. Nobody has a free pass in Mt. Pleasant to possess, despite what the new ordinance states.


- A medical card is the best protection if you qualify for one.


- No farmers markets or dispensaries will be tolerated, unless HB 4271 passes, and even this is at the desecration of the local municipality.


- You do not have any protection from typical probable cause situations such as odor, seeing it in plain view on private property (not including your vehicle), or admitting usage. Only a medical card can protect you from these.


- transport in trunk of vehicle and do not authorize a search under ANY circumstance, if it's in plain view Mt. Pleasant police will mess up your day.

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