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2x2 to frame it up and osb or drywall to close it in. Insulate it or don't; it will cost you some serious energy to keep the room at a good temp without insulating. Make sure you create some areas for intake air and also make sure you have a vent area as well. Electrical depends on how your basement is already situated. Small fan should do but it depends on your plant count. 2x3 space might be enough, but you might need an 8x8 if you have a few patients. Depends. More info will let folks give some more useful advice.

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a short tent (or two) would probably be cheapest.

will keep heat inside the tent, and keep the cold air out.


although you could just staple plastic sheeting to the studs and walls and ceiling. assuming you can enclose it 100% with cheap plastic , maybe panda film or just use clear plastic and then throw a tarp over it.


will need a dehumidifier.

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I have got the wood for the room just need to build it now I am going to be using panda film, I have a question, I am thinking about switiching that room to the flower room as I will have more space and in the summer it will be cooler in the basement, but my question is will i have enough vertical space as the height down there is only about 6 foot 3 inches.

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yes 6 ft is plenty.


topping and bending (low stress training) plant branches down, my plants werent taller than 4ft, including the dirt.

well this is for indica / hybrid type plants. 


sativa plants grow larger, and are tougher to manage, although with proper pruning and training it can be done easily.

theres plenty of guides online and videos on youtube that show you scrog, lst, topping, bending and training plants.


here is an easy to follow guide for doing mainlining, which keeps the plant uniform and short.


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ok yea i already top so that should help i was just hoping the light wouldnt be too close. do you have any good info on setting up an actual room, i already know i will have one vent going to it from the furnace to the room for heat im either going 8x8 or 10x10, ive only grown in a tent so i dont know how hard an actual room will be to control

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depending on growing style chosen you could grow a fine harvested plant only a foot tall, woven in and out of a screen, even covering a large grow tray. Be creative, and safe.


exact room configurations are discussed in this must have read. http://www.amazon.com/Marijuana-Horticulture-Outdoor-Medical-Growers/dp/187882323X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417812095&sr=8-1&keywords=jorge+cervantes

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do you have any good info on setting up an actual room


i learn better from videos, so i just watched a lot of videos on youtube and took the best things from each video to make my own. and then after collecting materials i decided just to get a $150 tent and use that. because tents can be taken down and moved easily.


jorge cervantes build (starts near 5 minutes in) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO6GhtrgxJ8


mr green basement grow room

euro room build, skip 1 minute


i have jorge cervantes marijuana horticulture 'the indoor / outdoor medical growers bible' that grassmatch linked to.

and while it has a section on step by step building of a grow room, pages 98-114, at only 16 pages it has the basics and shows you various indoor rooms and greenhouses. of course the book has larger sections for lights , fans, vents and all that, but the build room section itself is only the 16 pages.


jorge has various books out , so he may have a better book, or his grow dvd video above shows you step by step building a room. and its all on youtube for free.


jorge's video is good, it explains that a 400W or 600W hps can be closer to plants than a 1000W bulb, because of heat issues. since you have a smaller area, you want a 400 or 600. but you have to remember more light = more yield. so its a tradeoff.


in the end, dont worry about it. people grow in closets, cabinets, wardrobes, barrels, even in computer towers! they call it micro grow and only get a few grams per plant, but it is doable. basically just grow to the size of your room and make sure you dont burn anything down.


smoke detectors everywhere, and a fire extinguisher wont hurt either.

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The new place I am at I plan on setting up a veg room in the basement problem is I have to build a room as a tent wont fit its a low basement, and the temp is about 64 degrees down there. My question is does anyone have any ideas of how to set it up id say it is probably a little over 6 ft tall down there.

B-74, I was in a similar situation when I got started. Not sure if this would work in your circumstance, but fyi...


A previous owner of the house had installed a shallow well for irrigation under the basement steps. He had boxed in the stairs with 1" foil covered rigid foam insulation. This included a door crafted from the insulation also. The "room" is 10' L x 3' W x 7' H at the highest point. The room is obviously sloped due to the stairs so the volume is ½ 10x3x7 or approx. 105 cubic ft. Said another way, I have approx. 9 sq ft x 5' (due to the light fixture) of growing space. If the plants get to tall I bend or top them, etc. as it's been suggested.


I added 1x boards on the ceiling to hang stuff, added black/white poly for light reflection, caulked off seams, etc. there was already 220V in the room for the irrigation pump, so I was able to utilize that for my electrical needs. I did go to 110v to keep things simple.


I installed an in-line fan, filter and enough outlets to handle a fan for air-movement, a humidifier, environmental control unit, lights ,etc. I'm running a 30" x 15" basic hood (no fan) with 6 light sockets doubled up with V adaptors each with a 100w equivalent CFLs. For the last grow I added two reflector domes each with 2 100w CFLs for flowering and to cover some of the lower growth. This grow I'm adding a UFO (all red spectrum) from dormgrow.com. All told I'll have 1600w plus the 90w ufo for flowering. Obviously, there are other light choices. FWIW, if I was just starting out, I would go all LED.


With the environ. control unit I'm able to keep the temps and humidity just about perfect. I did run 4" PVC to an outside wall so heat and moisture is vented out. You can probably do a tent a little cheaper than what I've put into my setup, but there are advantages to a room vs a tent: more secure, better insulated, quieter, etc.


My situation works well for me. Your mileage may vary. Good luck!

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