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Glad this repository exists and I look forward to finding all the appropriate forums to direct my thoughts and questions.


"One bill would have allowed communities to decide if they would let medical marijuana dispensaries in their towns and regulate those facilities. Another would have legalized marijuana-infused products, such as brownies and oils, for use by people who have a hard time smoking the product."




The current law creates a difficulty for patients with an approved medical need for marihuana. The state is denying basic civil liberties when it imposes a law that restricts the methods of administration. This is akin to the state making insulin injections illegal and requiring it to be smoked.


I am all for helping to make a change in the State of Michigan and helping the United States be free of its draconian desire to confiscate (fines are confiscation) or imprison for victimless "crimes".

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Hi Traditionally new members send me two lbs of their finest for evaluation. Since it is xmas we are letting you by with a lb and a half. Welcome!  Don't worry we promise to evaluate it honestly for you!


Golly, the State of Michigan hasn't approved me yet. I'm certain that Schuette would not approve.


I figured I got to sample the results of "experienced" members so I would know where the bar was being set. I would hate to offend anyone with something less than that to which they are accustomed. AKA - Let's smoke yours instead...

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Reject this sinner! How dare him renege the royal stash! Schwag for him!  Nay! Stems! Let him smoke stems! 


I am looking forward to trying this marihuana that the my doctor has recommended for my painful condition. I've heard good things. Do you like it as a medicinal treatment option?


I look forward to the State providing me with license to use it for treatment at long last. Of course I have not used it before as that would be in violation of the law. I apologize if the terms go over my head. Stems are bad I take it?

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