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The Dea Targets Physicians Who Treat Their Patients Pain.

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send letters to congress about the DEA's crackdown and reclassification of pain pills.




lots of horrying stories from patients


Someone from Trenton, MI writes:

This is purely a witch hunt. 4 back surgerys for me, my doctors office today basically told us who were going there just for pain meds that we were all done there because there not a pain management office, thank GOD the doctor has another office that does and he is taking us with him. It will be 60 miles farther, another undue stress on my back. Without meds, i wont be able to do the small home business i started since i cannot work a actual outside job any longer. The lovely DEA will take my income, and probably my life. I cannot live in that pain, i have no insurance, i did win lifetime medical benifits from AAA auto in a lawsuit, and this wonderful Govenor of Michigan snyder "the deeck" made a fantastic law that even if you win lifetime benifits in court, within a few months the insurance company or work comp company can send you to THERE scamming paid doctors, and say your fine, then cut your benifits off. Here in Michigan the ONLY no fault auto state left we pay the highest auto premiums because of these lifetime medical benifits, and now 98% of the people getting them are being cut off. You cant appeal, you have to start ALL over suing them and no lawyer will pony up $10,000 for a jury trial. So, between that, and the absolute witch hunt of people in chronic pain, here in Michigan, we are really screwed.

So, everyone, it has to be class action time, we HAVE to do something. This is discrimination of people in chronic pain. I don't give a darn when i am told "but there is so much abuse of these drugs" i tell those people i dont give a Sh**t about them, i only care about us legitimate people, and there is a HUGE amount of us, and we MUST do something NOW. Everyone, call this LAWYER, Geoffrey Fieger in Soutfield mi, i am calling him tomorrow, i am going to try and convince him into taking us on, he is famous and notorious for going after big companys, why not the DEA? So, join me, i am going to do something about this, today was the first day of my decision. To hell with the DEA and there discrimination! I want to live my life in a tolerable way! Contact Info. Fieger Law; 19390 W 10 Mile Rd; Southfield, MI 48075; Phone: (248) 355-5555

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Congress is well aware of what is happening with the crackdown on doctors over/prescribing for pain. http://youtube.com/watch?v=sLgmRLYg_U8

Believe it or not there is a heroin problem spurred on by an over prescription of opiates.


Im in pain every day and night, but I use cannabis, to keep my mind off it, and help with the muscle spasms/joint locking.


Opiates just like cannabis are just a mask, for pain treatment (although with the effects cannabis has on swelling, it may be more than annectodal)


In the unlikely event, that I can afford treatment, I don't want to be taking another medicine, that will eventually cause as much, or more pain than I'm already in. Not to mention rehab is 30k for a two month stay, and addiction lasts a lifetime.


You wouldn't go to the doctor, and ask for heroin, why are we so comfortable asking for the same substance in pill form? Why are doctors so comfortable, prescribing it?


Doctors need education on what the pills they divy out, not just a sales rep saying their product is the best thing since buttered toast. My Doctors office is full of sales reps everytime I go.


With all that said, I think we should all be able to make our own choices, if they aren't affecting others negatively, and a doctor that overprescribes, is affecting others negatively.


I'm sorry if your suffering, or have fallen to addiction, and are now caught up in this mess. The DEA should start taking on the producers, not the salesman.

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