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Hartwick And Tuttle Amicus Briefs Filed On Behalf Of Mmma And Cpu

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highlander gets the big ups for finding the way to make the new law apply retroactively. i had declared defeat on that without even looking at it.


thanks to all who worked on it and continue to work for patient freedom and rights.


reading these laws and crazy opinions will burn you out. it burns me out just reading each opinion.

remember to take a break once in a while!

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Wow. You guys knocked it out of the park. These briefs are things of beauty. Using words (the courts own in many instances) to dissect the unreasonable conclusions of a few high placed haters and prohibitionists, these briefs bring rationality back into the arguments surrounding the Medical Marijuana Act.


Thank you.

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Nice work all. Thanks.


The CPU brief is excellent. The remarks toward confidentiality between a doctor and a patient that further negates any requirement for a caregiver to administer responsibilities that lie with the physician are dead on. But I think it does not go far enough in requesting/demanding to know what further evidentiary requirements exist beyond sec. 4 and possession of a duly authorized card. Sec.8 protections without registry are given short shrift, and I think it is wise to speak to the matter. If, for instance, it is determined or it is a fact that sec. 4 registry protections do not apply, what evidence would constitute proof of a bona fide physician relationship and appropriate designation of a caregiver by a patient qualified by his/her doctor's recommendation in a bona fide relationship only, and when and how should the rules of evidence apply? We know that this happens. I am aware of circumstances where there is more risk to professional and/or personal reputations in registration than patients and caregivers are willing to accept. In inquiring regarding this we are pushing the limits of the law to find clearly articulated and pertinent findings by the court, which I count as necessary.


Kormon's briefs touch on several salient points. I am glad to see that those and the CPU briefs compliment each other and without duplication.


Is it possible to see any prosecutorial briefs now?

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CPU Core Principles


3) On an immediate day-to-day level, CPU is the eyes and ears of the community; maintaining constant vigilance for any threats that emerge from state legislators, interest groups or regulatory authorities that could be hostile to the MMMA.





 Sorry, couldn't help myself. 


 Just doing what we can.

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