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Topicals , Using Cannabis And Other Herbs

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cannabis and a guide to what parts of the plant and what forms of breaking it down


Cocoa butter vs Shea butter and what are the benefits of both, and would mixxing them be a badd idea...


If there is anything I can use, other herbs or recipies to help deliver the medication to the joints ligaments and muscles rather than it being a mostly skin surface topical?


And other herbs I can start growing that I would beable to regulate the organics of the growth and I can use for topicals.


Plan on doing an order from a non-gmo reliable source for a huge selection of herbs and get them started as soon as I feel I'm starting to grasp the topical side of things.


Ok I've started a lot of different research things and I have not been finding a lot on topicals if anyone can help with these few things that would be amazing.

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theres a couple salve/balm recipes in the tutorials section



some of them mention what else to add to the marijuana to make it more bioavailable or skin penetrating.


i think people have mentioned emu oil and peppermint oil.

try typing peppermint marijuana topical into google and will find some recipes that way too.


you may want to stop in a local herbal / health food store and ask what kind of herbs they recommend for topical treatments. theres two stores near me, one sells all kinds of dried herbs bulk in jars, the other sells all kinds of essential oils and skin creams and oils for making your own creams. so they are both useful. but yeah growing your own herbs will be way better.


what else? hmm..


grow lemon balm and put that in your topicals. i've read good things about it in nih studies.

peppermint / spearmint / any other kind of mint really, the ones higher in menthol maybe more useful.


things like clove oil or pepper oil (capscaisin) have been used for a long time for pain relief.


theres lots of books on topical herbs, check the library / amazon and health food store.


good luck!

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