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Sold A Quantity Of Marijuana For Whom He Was Not A Caregiver.


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October 9, 2014


_____ who appeared on crutches before Judge Parrott for his preliminary exam on three-and-a-half year old charges, also took a plea deal.

He has been charged with delivery of marijuana and controlled substance/drug house.

________ pled guilty to the misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana.

________ said on March 11, 2011 he was at a marijuana dispensary on the I-94 Service Drive in VBT with various cards and sold a quantity of marijuana to ________ for whom he was not a caregiver.

Judge Oakley ordered him to pay some $700 in fines and costs and to be on 12 months’ probation. If he has no further problems, the charge would be dropped.

________ had been out on $5,000 or 10% bond. VBT Officer Michael Rini was the officer in charge. Lankford was the court-appointed attorney.






3 years in court and took a plea to possession.

posting this story for those out there who sell to non connected patients.

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When Judge Parrott asked if her husband was seriously injured, she said he had an indentation in his head.

Judge Parrott suggested that all hammers should be removed from the house and her husband, in the court audience, said that has already been done and all hammers have been put in the shed.


I like this statement 

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