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Robbers Dressed As Police Steal Guns/marijuana Plants


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Trace Christenson

8:56 p.m. EST January 2, 2015


Three men with guns and claiming to be police stole marijuana plants and guns from a home in Bedford Township.


A husband and wife reported the robbery at their home at 10:18 p.m. New Year’s Day. They told officers the men were waiting outside when the husband opened the door of his garage turned into a gallery.


They began yelling “Battle Creek Police, get down, get down.”


The victims described the men as in their early 20s and wearing all black clothing including black ski masks. One had a gold badge around his neck.


They forced the man to open a safe which contained some computer software and then took 16 adult marijuana plants which the couple grew after obtaining a medical marijuana card.


They also took two guns, including a World War I handgun valued at $6,000. The thieves used plastic ties to bind the arms of the couple.


After the robbers left the couple were able to cut the ties and go to a neighbor to call police after they found their phone had been dropped in the toilet.

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I'll add, don't forget you don't have to answer the door which is being knocked on. I always approach from the back if someone I didn't expect is at the front door. This eliminates any insinuation of invitation into the domicile. Gets a good reaction too when you startle them from behind with a "Y'all be needin' somethin'?" in your best "Deliverance" drawl.

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