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Australian Cannabis Tech Firm Teams Up With Hebrew U


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Very interesting article. One quote:


PhytoTech has been setting itself up to become Australia’s main supplier of medical marijuana, if and when it becomes legal, and the research being done with Yissum is specifically to develop cannabis strains for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. Australia already has one of the highest per capita rates of pot use in the world (an estimated one third of adults in the country use it annually), and use by individuals has been effectively decriminalized in many localities – making the country a likely candidate to approve recreational use at some point in the future, as is occurring in the US.



Full article here.

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Whonhell are these guys trying to schit? They're going to selectively breed plants. Last time I checked, home growers were producing top shelf cannabis that can serve many different purposes. These people have nothing on that. They are making a splash in the media that helps legitimize the stuff, and I think it's a great thing. The government needs to get the hell out of our way.

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