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New Patients: Be Sure To Use The New State Application Form

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I was recently approved by my physician and wanted to share some information that I learned about the process, as the state application form was updated on January 15th. I called the state on Monday to confirm the details.


When I received my referral, my physician's office was unaware of the new state application form, so we completed the old form. Having read an article online that the registration fee was dropping from $100 to $60, I did some research before mailing my application to the state and am glad that I did. The form was updated, but the only page that changed is the patient information (page 2), so the old physician's referral page (page 3) is fine. You'll know that you're using the old form if it says you owe the state $100: the price dropped and the new price is $60 for two years.


I hope that this information is useful for new patients!

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