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Do Not Buy Atmos Products!

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So after following grassmatch's advice as read above, realizing how cheap and easy it ended up being, I became irate. I might have possibly been intoxicated when I wrote a very inflammatory email to Atmos. 



Threats, anger, damning pictures and rhetoric, sent at three-something in the morning, and here I sit recently having spoken directly to the vice president of the company.




They plan on sending me a couple products to ease my hurt-butt. 



We shall see. We shall see.

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Products received!





After a lengthy conversation with the VP of Atmos, in which I told him about angrily throwing the pen in the woods off my fishing vessel, and how regardless of what gifts he might send me, if they didn't work, I wouldn't lie.



Guy sounded young, confident. Said, "WE GOT JUST THE THING!". I doubted it, but hey, I wasn't going to say no. I spent valuable energy hating these people.




Got the package in the mail this morning. One thing Atmos does right is packaging. You feel cool just opening the black boxes with fancy letters.



Ripped them open carelessly and screwed them into our spare battery absent minded. I was excited for the 501 adapter, it just looked so much better than the standard white ones that leak oil all over the bowl after awhile.




After an entire day using these products, here is what I think:



501 Adapter (http://www.atmosrx.com/AtmosRX/510-RT-Cartridge-Plus/flypage.tpl.html)



I was actually excited for this one when I saw the picture. The standard elements are pretty terrible for these pens. The standard white screw-in piece ends up leaking oil everywhere on the standard ones.



This thing is actually pretty darn sweet. I was looking for something more permanent than buying those little white ones all the time. I cleaned this at the end of the night with Isoprophyl and dried it. Worked fine an hour later. Worth the $20, for sure. I am going to get a couple. If there are any like this you think might be better, I will buy and try them for your standard oil pen and see which I like best. Honestly, I don't see the point in buying the disposable ones. The taste was way better out of this little guy, it looks 900% less suspicious than the glass bulb caked in resin you have, too! Easy public vaping (with caution, obviously).




The Atmos JUMP Kit - Gold



I was actually really looking forward to continuing my smear campaign against Atmos. What is life without someone to tear into every once in awhile? RIght...? Anyone...?




Immediately this thing takes 6 hours to charge. Not shocking. After an entire afternoon I unplugged it, smirked and loaded her up with dry herb.




Wow. Very cool. The unit has this very sleek design and button. You press it three times, and bright red LED's reach into your brain and tell you, "not yet! NOT YET!". 



After only a few moments, the LED's turn bright green, signalling the user to take a chance.




Initially, I was actually very happy. The unit gets WARM, but it is SO, SO small. Compared to $150-$300 walky-talky looking units, this thing definitely is what I pictured when I first ordered my pen from Atmos. Sleek and sexy, the first four or five pulls from the unit were as if I were taking them off a $250 table unit...



but...maybe a tiny bit better?



NONONONONO, no way. I hate these scum! Sending me some plastic piece of fancy crap, convincing me it was my fault, never trying to settle the score until they received some sort of Tyler Durden-esque email, detailing my plan to personally hurt their Christmas bonuses until I draw my last.



..But another pull definitely makes one wonder. The taste was incredible, the process was simple, the unit was small and sleek. 



I decided to test it out on some things a bit more 'alive'. The results, I hope, are something I am not the first to achieve. This unit does well with live-extracted vapor. I was impressed.







Atmos seems to be trying to turn the page on their brand. Initial selling point being sleek, stealthy and cool-looking, their initial units were glorified e-pipes that could barely handle either product you threw at it, coupled with poor design flaws that made the units look cheap.



The customer service was present, but I feel like after 20 emails someone needed to cut the crap and either refund the product or send me something that works. I think that the reason why they are so reluctant is because so many of us are complacent, and do not try to fight back after getting f'ed over by pretty magazine pictures. The MMJ group is small and tight, doing bad business is bad for business.




These two products I received, I would buy. For $60, this pen is really freaking cool. If you need something that will last all day, I'd buy a $300 dollar unit. For a half day out on the lake, going mushroom picking or just being out, the Jump is slick and cool.




If Atmos changes their line up to actually vape/oil, and keep with the cool designs and sexy profiles, I'd buy a more expensive unit a couple years down the road when they really nail it down.




Overall, if you are looking into Atmos, stay away from the older models. If you want a hiking pen or a sweet oil pen cartridge, check them out.

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