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Parents, Don’T Give Your Kids Pot

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We need to put a child-proof lock on fad-based decision making.

Parents are using junk science or no science to make health-care choices, and that puts kids at risk.

The dangers of relying on junk science have been vividly illustrated by the recent outbreak of measles, enabled by people who do not vaccinate their children.

The dangers of relying on no science were pointed out recently by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which warned parents against viewing marijuana as medicine.

“Only limited research has been conducted on medical marijuana for adults, and there have been no published studies of cannabinoids — either in the form of marijuana or other preparations — that involve children,” the academy said last month.

Research has linked marijuana use in kids with health and psychological problems, as well as brain development issues.

It is not medicine, despite the camel’s-nose laws that allow its use for “medicinal” reasons in nearly two dozen states, including Arizona. It’s a street drug.

Some parents insist marijuana-based treatment helped children with seizures and other problems.

Anecdotal stories are not scientific evidence. But they are good reason to conduct more vigorous research to see if medical benefits can be proven.

The current federal classification of marijuana as a DEA schedule 1 drug puts it in the same category with LSD, heroin and other narcotics, making research much more difficult.

The academy’s sensible recommendation is to reclassify marijuana as a schedule 2 drug to facilitate research. With so many people — adults and children — viewing marijuana as medicine, there is an urgent need for fact-based, scientific information.

In the meantime, the academy said medical marijuana should only be given to children if there is no other option.

Parents should heed this warning from the nation’s pediatricians — and the feds should reclassify marijuana so research can replace “no science” with good science.



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Assuming mmj is 'street drug' & grounded in 'junk science'... compared to commercial drugs based on clinical research & fda sponsorship, i'd have to wonder why the street drug is very likely safer. Im just thinking of all the pain meds & mood/behavioral alterants our society uses. Just thinking about the list of side effects those drugs are associated with & all, esp since they attempt to alter the brain chemistry.


Its a plea to false authority imo... that 'real science' is: a) supremely beneficial, and b) safe for the mind & body. They need to prove both of those assumptions first, before slamming such a seemingly benign & relatively natural drug like mmj. That being said, im of the position that we should limit any exposure to outside chemicals during any persons normal developmental period...while the brain is organizing & growing that is.

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