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Is There An Active Compassion Club In Livingston County?

Tikkun Olam

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There was one in brighton but it got shut down. Everyone I know goes to G3C in flint. Kinda a hike for me. We need one on par with that one out here. But it won't happen until we can decriminalize. But I'm down to help.

The BACC was not shut down, we just decided to close shop with all that was going on with the law at the time.


A few of the main people from the BACC may start it up again depending on what happens in the future. We've

been discussing it for a while now....

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For the time being, why can't there be an active club for networking, current news, changes in the law and such? When the laws change, then open it up for selling and smoking? I think it would be good to have an active group that is informed, and can be a voice where laws are being discussed and created.


There was an important council meeting on Monday 2/9 in Howell. If I had known about it, I would have gone. Did anyone go?

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