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Dutch Grow Bust


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This didn't fit into either the national nor the Michigan forums for articles, so I decided to just place it here-


Telltale Thaw: Marijuana grow house's heat lamps melt snow off roof, tipping off police, leading to raid Authorities in the Netherlands raided a house in Haarlem, about 11 miles west of Amsterdam, because it was the only one on the block without snow on its roof. Heat lamps used to cultivate the cannabis plants inside raised the temperature enough to melt the snow.






Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 7:59 AM



pot12n-1-web.jpgA Netherlands house drew suspicion because it was too hot to handle — or have snow on its roof.

Police discovered a marijuana grow house after all the snow melted off its roof — thanks to heat lamps used inside for plant cultivation, according to The Telegraph.

Every other house on the block in Haarlem, a city about 11 miles west of Amsterdam, was covered in snow, making the grow house look extremely suspicious.

Police raided the row house on Feb. 5 and found marijuana being produced on an industrial scale. Authorities did not say how much weed they seized.

Although the Netherlands is known for its lax attitude on reefer, residents are not allowed to grow more than five cannabis plants or carry more than 0.17 ounces of pot.

Police tweeted out a picture of the grow house to ask people to be on the lookout for other home-grown marijuana factories.

A week earlier, officials raided another home in the city of Zutphen due to telltale melting snow on its roof. The homeowner had 88 cannabis plants in the bedroom.








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New thread "Amsterdam cops hate you too!"


What a bunch of "upstanding members" over there and here I thought they were cool.


"Police tweeted out a picture of the grow house to ask people to be on the lookout for other home-grown marijuana factories." Join the Police State! This is Soviet style social monitoring at its finest. Get everyone spying on each other. Cuba is watching thinking "Maybe our system is gaining traction around the world." Perhaps that is why we're working to normalize relations, it isn't them coming to us it is the US government agreeing Castro was right all along in regards to surveillance techniques and rationales.

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i heard they were crackin down in amsterdam. dunno bout the rest of the country.



but really do you know anythin about cuba? :P


Is it an existentialist question as in does anyone "know" anything? I have been fascinated by Cuba, Cambodia and Korea for many years. Bosnia, Ukraine and Chechnya fit the mold and I've done some research there also. Flagrant human rights abuses draw my interest because I like to try and understand the society that allows it to exist and eventually grants it such a level of oppressive authority. Using a "Two minutes to midnight" analogy where is the United States on the "Oppression-Meter"? That's why I've contemplated and read the stories by the exiles of these nations.


The Cuban Police model is a popular one in Communist countries. Each citizen has the obligation to report "suspicious" activity. Such reporting is so beneficial to the society that people in such highly regulated societies will receive benefits for being so exemplary in performing their civic duties. That's a 10,000 foot view of it - we can discuss the specifics of the model if you are also versed in it.


"Ya know, I read a lot. Especially about things... about history. I find that s**t fascinating." - Clifford Worley (Dennis Hopper) True Romance

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