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Duh! Soil Conversion

Nancy Botwin

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you might be doing too much math.


buy a big coco brick for $20 , it should inflate to 3 cu feet when you add water.


mix your special soil into it, and toss in some other fertilyzer or organic nutes. should be plenty for a grow. no reason to buy 100s of dollars of soil.


easy + cheap soil recipe:

bag of earthworm castings

coco brick

big donkey bag of vermiculite

1 jar molasses


now dont put all the worm castings into the coco. save 1/3rd of the bag. now every week you take a handful of castings and add a couple tablespoons of molasses to some filtered water , give it a good stir (or shaken if thats how you roll) in a bucket/bottle. feed the plants with your newly made "worm tea" and enjoy.

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