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Golf Course In Backyard, Moving To Tucson, He Gave Me 150 Pounds Of

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human biosolids. could be full of any contaminates. not organic. full of crap (doh).


friend used it on his lawn once to help his grass.

hes still got a lot of moss. i tell him forget about growing grass, just enjoy the green moss hahah


put it up on craigslist and make a few bucks.

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if it was JUST human poop it would be fine. 100%


but its not. its everything that goes down the drain. and the street drains, which means gasolene, motor oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid...


so think about how many chemicals you got under your sinks.

drain cleaner? wd40? silver polish? oven cleaner? CLR? root killer?


do you use rags to apply some of those? do you throw out the rags or wash them in clothes washer or sink? now think about the other million people in milwaukee who do the same thing. wheres all them chemicals go?


now think about the viagra , prozac, antibiotics that people tinkle out. wheres it go? biosolid waste.


does all of it get into the milorganite? no. how much? there is no idea because they only test for heavy metals and pathogens.


do you want to put that in your soil? its up to you.

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A while back I read-up on using various human/animal wastes for fertilizer. Generally, I learned that any feces that might include digested meat is a big risk. So human, dog, and cat wastes are not good. Any animal waste used for food production should be from herbivores. So cow and horse manure are pretty safe. Human, dog, cat wastes not so much.

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