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On-Purpose Seeding In The Same Room. When To Start The Females?

pic book

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In order to produce the most seeds?  

The male bean germinated yesterday.  How many days do I wait to germinate the female seeds so that male pollen can be deposited directly onto the resulting ladies by placing a fan behind the male and blowing pollen unto the females?

Germination-to-maturity of this strain is 90 days.

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huh? you want to veg them both and get them nice big and healthy.


then you toss them into flower, the male should flower first naturally because thats how it rolls.

the females take a bit longer, but the male throws new flowers anyhow.


sorry, i dont know exactly. but i follow nature and nature says the seeds all come up at the same time then it takes care of the rest :)


you have malelinized seeds? :P how do you know the seed is a male? from looking at the seed's butt circle ?




interesting stuff.

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