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Gop Operatives Form Michigan Marijuana Advocacy Group


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Lansing — Two prominent Oakland County Republican political operatives are behind a new advocacy group that is exploring a 2016 ballot initiative legalizing marijuana use if the Legislature won’t reform the existing medicinal cannabis law.

Suzie Mitchell, a Republican political fundraiser, and GOP consultant Paul Welday have formed the Michigan Responsibility Council with other unidentified members to advocate for a state-regulated distribution of medical marijuana.

Mitchell, who is chairing the group, said they want lawmakers to create a system of “regulation with taxation” of medical marijuana to ensure it is safe and accessible to people in all corners of the state.

She said the existing voter-approved 2008 law is plagued with problems because it never created a uniform system for the cultivation and distribution of marijuana as a medicine, leading to a slew of legal problems.

“What we see now doesn’t work,” said Mitchell of West Bloomfield, who is the wife of Republican pollster and consultant Steve Mitchell. “We really want to see how it can be delivered legally and regulated.”

Welday, a longtime Republican operative, said he’s giving the non-profit education and advocacy group political advice.

Both Mitchell and Welday did not rule out pursuing a 2016 ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use or amend the existing medical cannabis law.

“That’s certainly one option,” Welday said. “(But) nothing is concrete at this point.”

Mitchell is a fundraiser for primarily Republican politicians and ballot campaigns, but has worked for Democrats.

The Michigan Responsibility Council was formed after legislation creating a regulated dispensary system for medical marijuana died in the December lame-duck session, Welday said.

Last week, three Republican lawmakers and one Democrat revived those bills, which would legalize an array of medical marijuana products such as edibles and topical creams and license dispensaries of medical marijuana.

But Mitchell and Welday said they have little faith that the new bills will make it to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk this session.

“There’s just not a lot of confidence that this issue is going to be solved in the Legislature,” Welday said.




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Suzie is a reporter and she sure knows how to work the press. Lots of smoke and no substance other than threats;


A group from Oakland Co reached out to the NPRA and we sat down with them yesterday February 13th. They are calling themselves The Michigan Responsibility Council (SUZIE MITCHELL)and are preparing to put full legalization on the 2016 ballot. Here's what they plan to do:

1. Repeal the MMMA of 2008
2. Divide the state into 10 sections where there will be 10 large grows supplying the state.
3. Tax all marijuana including medical
4. Ban all home cultivation
5. Allow for a limited number of distribution canters per 10 districts that must receive all product from the 10 big grows
6. Strategically give the 10 grow licenses by property address straight to their funders.

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But Mitchell and Welday said they have little faith that the new bills will make it to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk this session


I've said it before the Governor will not sign any thing Marijuana or Cannabis nor Medical Marihuana 

He would sign Jone's Bills because they are there to kill home grows. Snyder already said he hates grows. Leaked it to the press last month in an elaborate story he made up to justify his hate for home growing and why they want these bills to kill home grows.

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