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Gavita Double Ended Lighting Systems


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Yes there are huge differences. I replaced 3 1000 aircooled blockbuster hoods with 2 gavitas and pulled more down than I ever did with the 3 1000's ever did. Don't be fooled by the small reflector it puts out the most uniform Patten you ever saw. Key is to keep the reflector up about 30 inches from plants. I mount mine direct to ceiling. The 750 model is for those who don't have the proper height to canopy available and turning down the 1000 is not as efficient as a fixture tuned for 750 watts.

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I trust philips over any other manufacturer.

yeah I have solistek ballasts as well, and I haven't had any issues. I saw someone using a third party DE setup using their ballasts, and the had flicker. I'm watching another grower online and he switched out the Gavitas for the sol in his veg setup, and I'm waiting it out to see if there's a major difference. I totally agree on Phillips though, they have a lot of $ for product testing, and it seems to show. I just hate changing out for the newest gadget, but the DE bulbs seem last forever, and that alone probably keeps the yeilds, at a constant level.
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