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Maine Supreme Court Says Mmj Use Can Be Used Against You In Custody Battle.


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“Sternick uses large amounts of medical marijuana to treat a medical condition and has a great deal of marijuana, in many forms, all over the home,” the decision said. “Friends and relatives of Sternick often drop by the house to obtain or ingest marijuana, and the child has been exposed to marijuana. Sternick’s ability to care for a young child while under the influence of marijuana is questionable and problematic. The (lower) court found that Sternick appeared slow in his thinking at trial, likely due to his regular ingestion of marijuana, and that his eyes were pink and bloodshot.”


yup, his eyes were bloodshot, he cant be a parent anymore.


"The Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act states that “a person may not be denied parental rights and responsibilities with respect to or contact with a minor child” as a result of using medical marijuana, unless the person’s conduct conflicts with the best interests of the minor child."


similar to our law for sure.

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