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Montrose Michigan Voting On Recreational Tomorrow

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MONTROSE, MI -- Montrose voters are asked to make a decision in the Tuesday, Feb. 24, election on a proposal that would allow adults to possess recreational marijuana on private property.

If passed, the proposal would allow people 21 and older to possess and transfer less than an ounce of marijuana on private property.

In 2014, a group of marijuana advocates collected signatures to have the proposal placed on the ballot.

The Montrose City Council is not sharing opinions about the proposal but did acknowledge the receipt of the petition and followed Michigan law to put it on the ballot. The city council only did what was required by law to acknowledge receipt of the petition and pass it along through the proper election channels.

Montrose City Clerk Tina Rush said the special election will cost the city about $500.

In 2012, Flint passed a similar ordinance allowing people to have less than an ounce of marijuana without penalty. The push to put that same ordinance on the books in Lapeer was turned down in November.

In addition, during November 2014 elections six communities -- Port Huron, Mt. Pleasant, Saginaw, Huntington Woods, Berkley and Pleasant Ridge -- did pass initiatives on marijuana.

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I'd guess and will hope that Montrose will lean our way. 


Genesee County is filled with people who have spent a whole career supporting the auto industry, spending 30+ years doing factory work that required repetitive tasks that beat their hands to crap...so now that there is an avenue to get relief without Rx meds, I hope the village council will be on-board. 


The Village of Montrose might encompass about 5,000 people at most.  But their view on MMJ is progressive and far-reaching. 


Genesee County is one of the best shining stars in the MMJ movement, and the progressive attitudes of people in power in this small community should be held-up as a model for the rest of the state.

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Why do the Schools need money what about the Mich. Lottery thats why the people voted for it to help the schools 

B & T, as an educator for nearly 40 years, let me share a dirty little secret about the Mi lottery funding schools.


Yes, the proceeds from the lottery do go to schools. What the gov. doesn't tell you is that they reduce the general fund budget by the amount the lottery generates. For example. The State budgets $100 for schools as part of the general fund. The lottery generates, let's say, $25. So, the government reduces that amount from the general fund. So, the schools get $100, $25 which comes from the lottery.


So all those billboards proclaiming millions of dollars from the lottery go to schools is technically true, but the bottom line is is that the state reduces the portion they provide. Most people "think" the State provides the $100 and then the lottery proceeds are on top of that? Unfortunately, It's just the gov. screwing us around again, saying one thing and doing another....

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