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Why Is Alaska In The News Today? Why Today When The Voter Referendum

pic book

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Alaska has to deal with the feds more than any other state!


All of their water ways are patroled by the feds and most of their roads, so it will be hard to travel with mm and be legal in alaska, before alaska was an mm state and now a rec state they were allowed 4 oz's in their homes and no where else, if people just kept their use to private property they had nothing to worry about, now with it legal they have more to worry about than before mm or rec!



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for instance, superior genetic supplier, grow store, pest management service, etc....all satellite involvement, outside of managing a garden possibly.

willing to relocate for the dream too ?


I don't think you will have to relocate, with some patience. The green rush will sweep the nation soon, and your opportunity will arise.

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