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How I Got On The Slippery Slope Of Sharing. An Academic Might Title This

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images of sharing across communities. Until august 2012, i, like ed rosenthal, had considered myself addicted to growing, and for me, that was the extent of my relationship with cannabis...I'd limited my swapping saliva to those females with whom I'd had sex, or wished to. but in that month, i, for the first time sucked on a joint that a stranger had held in his mouth.  a male mouth.  yukes, heave, was my reaction but the spliff made the circle of five other folks, all of whom took the infected roll into their mouths and sucked hard and smiled. Sure, I'd visited churches where a common communion cup was used, although sometimes I'd only pretended to drink:  faking communion, i guess.  in august 2012 my prognosis was a year to live so i shrugged.  i'd be dead before i could suffer from whatever exotic disease a passed joint had delivered to me.  But i lived on  (obviously) and strangely, the sharing grew.  partially eaten meals, first sampled by other family members. used clothing from garage sales.  a group of neighbors purchased towing insurance used by whomever had bad vehicle luck.  when my live-in developed hashimoto's and hurt so bad she couldn't be touched, she brought another female into our household and bedroom and made it ok by saying you need her.  we are one family doing what the other person needs. what else is love?  and then the unthinkable...to quit cigs... my live-in gf of 10 years had struggled to stop cigs.  at 65, a lot of years since age 14, she'd fired up 4 packs a day of marlboro reds. marlboro red was the fire that wouldn't go out.  for 51 years it withstood parental threats, resisted patches, hypnosis, suck-ems, and group therapy.  then on new years day, out of the red (marlboro red) she made an offer that was stark in its simplicity.  she'd quit smoking cigs, if i quit smoking marijuana. now then. squeezee had always hated mj smoke and complained about it loudly--why'd you havta take that up?  go back to just growing. while i had to leave the house or she had to go outside with her nicky.  tests had shown my aorta constricted in the presence of nicotine, causing my heartbeat to fade and my blood oxygen dip into the 60s.   i thought about her proposition for one second and said yes. so one kind of sharing ended and another, a bond not to consume via fire, took hold.  from the community symbolized by a fish comes the image of self-sacrifice for the betterment of another, or of others.  this form of sharing is sharing by not partaking.  non-communion for the benefit of the other.  it's been two months and we are a smoke-free and happy household.

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I thought you had an ulterior motive when you were advertising for a female "grow apprentice." :devil:

Totally separate and unrelated.  i found a female apprentice and trained her in soil.  she has (already had) her own children, husband, household, and she found female patients.  Had (has) nothing to do with my household.  

The additional female in our household came completely from the distaff side of things and was presented to me as a fait accompli.  Wants nothing to do with mj or mmj.  Auto industry and has a masters in IT.

Our industry has too few female caregivers, growers, voices.   too much sexism and discrimination inhabit mmj.   Wider female participation will improve peeps acceptance of mmj, lead to more legit unbiased research on cannabis, benefit health worldwide.  Recruit a female, train a female, leave her better than you found her and make the world better for cannabis. 

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