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Jamaica Rolls Out Medical Mj Program


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Jamaica rolls out legal pot law  the Herald


Contrary to public opinion it was illegal to partake of the sacred herb there until yesterday.  



Headlines 'light up' worldwide with news of Ja decriminalising ganja  Observer


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Curious  how this recent development ties in with the Marley family and their efforts to capitalize on their name to become the


worlds first international cannabis brand... the guardian


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Jamaican Radio   Nice music from the Island . Press Play after page loads : "Loaded Thursdays" -massiveB ...digin it

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This shows the weakening of the US led Global assault on Marijuana that started back in 1961:


"This Convention aims to combat drug abuse by coordinated international action. There are two forms of intervention and control that work together. First, it seeks to limit the possession, use, trade in, distribution, import, export, manufacture and production of drugs exclusively to medical and scientific purposes. Second, it combats drug trafficking through international cooperation to deter and discourage drug traffickers." - bunch of Elitist power-mongers wrote that drivel.


The UN is the reason the Federal Government can hassle the States that legalize. The US is in violation of the Convention as long as it allows the drug use. Poor countries are going to shun the Globalist's strategy because they are realizing the "Trickle down" monetizing of the "War on Drugs" is over. Americans producing their own at record quantities means supplier nations now have a glut and no income for their production that used to get sold abroad. Time to legitimize the internal customers because it is the only industry the average person can work in.


Legalization in these countries is a "Job Program" for the intrepidly minded Politician who needs a new way to stay in power and embezzle more funds.

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