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Medibles Testing Coming Under Scrutiny In Oregon


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saying "it doesnt get you high" or focusing on ONE cannabinoid in the plant is exactly the goal of prohibitionists.


thats why marijuana AND thc are both on the controlled substances list. because they dont want thc at all to be legal.


so if you want to be a friend of prohibition, please keep agreeing with them that you dont need THC.

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Nobody is testing Medical Cannabis (or mari [h/j] uana)!


In Colorado, the state mandates lab testing for recreational marijuana, but not medical cannabis.

(Washington, too, requires lab testing for recreational but not medical marijuana.)

Colorado marijuana labs are state certified and subject to regular audits;

the state requires certain academic credentials of scientists who test the drug.


"No matter how many Ph.Ds. they have on staff and how expensive their equipment is, there is error," he said.

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For those people whose condition is alleviated by THC, high THC is exactly what those people need.  :-)

Real stuff though, not just printed on a chit only for the purpose of fooling people into spending their hard earned money under false pretenses. THC is very complicated and a simple test for it's presence, even if done correctly, doesn't tell the whole THC story and how it might work for an individual when using a tested sample product. THC testing can possibly tell you if a strain has potential. That's the only use for it and it is not definitive.

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Quotations are best used when someone has actually used the words within your quotations. And I don't much appreciate the accusations and I am bizzarrily confused as to how they came about.

i wasnt accusing or talking about you suneday. more on the general topic of testing, thc and medical uses.

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It is apparent to me that most discern the effect of one marijuana strain versus another due to specific terpenes rather than THC or other cannabinoid content. My understanding is that some of these terpenes mimic cannabinoids by binding to receptors as well.

Right. It just so happens that a few of the better medical strains test high for THC and the worthless ones test very low. THC content is just one of many indicators. The labs are just praying on the coincidence of THC being found in a lot of the strains that work good so they take/took that ball and run/ran with it. It's that same type of relationship with CBD that also gets misrepresented. We know about cannabis and that it has medical uses so we were quick to listen to those who helped us get the message out even when they fudged it badly, like Dr. Gupta. 

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And this is a big focus that I feel testing needs to embrace. Cannabinoids are a big player, but terpenes are going to be big as well.

I truly believe a terpene profile would be more useful to a patient.

This type of testing takes real scientists and expensive equipment. Nothing that any labs you see that consumers can use can come close to doing.  This is for comprehensive research and huge studies with actual patients.

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