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Girl Scout Cookies, Or California's Most Notorious Strain Of Cannabis


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"Notorious"? I dunno, but I had some of this recently as well as it's relative, Platinum Cookie, and both were indeed quite tasty and otherwise wonderful.




I first heard of Girl Scout Cookies a few years ago, shortly after I got my prescription for cannabis in California. I went into my local dispensary and asked for whatever buds they had that smelled the nicest. "Have you tried Girl Scout Cookies?" the woman behind the counter asked. "It's famous."

I had not. So she took a bell-shaped jar from underneath the counter, full of plump buds covered in curly orange hairs. Then she lifted the suction lid. The scent that drifted out was delicious — flowery, piney, sweet. The strain is named Girl Scout Cookies partly because of its distinctive, pleasant aroma. Some say it smells like candy, but I think it's more like a mild sandalwood incense. The point is, it's a hybrid that smells delightful — unlike some strains that are unmistakably cheesy or skunky. And the flavor is good too, whether you vape or just roll it up as a joint.
The origins of Girl Scout Cookies are as hazy as you'll feel after just a few hits. Some say it's a cross between pure South African sativa Durban Poison and the west coast sativa-like hybrid OG Kush. Others say there's a bit of a Florida strain in there called F1. And still others say it has famous indica Granddaddy Purple in the mix. Whatever is in there with the Durban Poison and OG Kush, there's no doubt that Girl Scout Cookies deliver a bright, cerebral sativa high. It will definitely turn you into a giggle monster or philosopher, depending on your predilections, but it won't put you to sleep.
What everybody agrees on is its strength. It's got about 20% THC, and .5% CBD. That THC percentage is terrifically high for any marijuana strain, and is part of what has earned Girl Scout Cookies its slightly naughty reputation.
At one point, when I joined a new dispensary, I was told that the owners had decided to stop carrying Girl Scout Cookies for a while. They thought it was just too strong, and didn't have a clear therapeutic use. I got the feeling they thought it was the Everclear of pot. But it's so popular that they had to start selling it again. Also, I would like to point out that it is genuinely helpful for my RSIs. No, I'm not kidding — I actually do have a prescription for a reason.
Girl Scout Cookies is such a famous strain that it's spawned a lot of copycats. There are definitely fake GSC strains running around, as well as legit related phenotypes like Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies.
Though I would not recommend GSC for marijuana newbies, I think it's a great choice for a more seasoned afficionado. Obviously you'll want to take a little bit less than you are used to, unless you want to feel blotto and hyper at the same time (sometimes fun, especially if you are hiking on really safe, unchallenging trails or picnicking with friends). But I will always love GSC simply for that lovely scent and flavor. That's what matters most to me — the aesthetic experience of the flowery smoke wafting down my throat.
So if you want your marijuana to taste and smell as good as it feels, try Girl Scout Cookies. Just a hit or two at first, then wait for the effects. Go slowly. And have fun.


From here: http://gizmodo.com/girl-scout-cookies-or-californias-most-notorious-strai-1689966240

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GSC is my current favorite.  It is great for back pain and shoulder pain and hip pain and neck pain, and also good for your mood too.  This is the best I can remember having recently, maybe even much longer than that.  Works quickly and effectively, lasts a long time, and is never harsh and always tastes fantastic. 

I highly recommend you try some if you need that type of relief.


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i've got two strains of GSC going right now...one from BC Bud and the other from Cali-connection (thin mint)...couldn't find two less like plants if you tried..lol..bc GSC was a short stocky plant..while cali's was a tall thin girl which i had to cut back twice to keep it out of the lights...they have a month to go before i can taste em but its something to look forward to...lol..can hardly wait...bp

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i can answer that...lol...i really like the bc buds GSC the most.. the plant was short and the buds were dense and dank.. where as the Cali-Connection plant(GSC thin mint cut) was tall and the buds were fox tailed and airy...i thought the BC Bud was much tastier and for me a better buzz....i will definitely put down some more of those nuts come fall...i also found a few seeds in the thin mint cut (rare for me) i think because i had to run it so long because of the sativa influence...the yield was greater because the plant was an animal.. it was huge in my little grow room i had that thing tied every which way trying to keep it from breaking and taking over the other plants but i did get sacks and sack of fluffy bud...lol../bp  

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puff... not to single u out by any means, just saw this thread and recently had discussions about this cut...


hopefully u havr given them both new names, or use their parents name w an 'x' between them. GSC is a single plant... seed stock from her ain't GSC, and no one that has been breeding her has had near enough time to stabilize her, where say 80%+ of the traits breeds true in seed form. even still, such breeding should produce a name that has IBL after the GSC... still ain't the real deal GSC.


practically every shop seems to sell the GSC... i'v only seen the real deal cut twice in shops. most r pimping a lie or a misrepresentation. calling seed runs off the GSC mum GSC only contributes to the problem. again, this isnt unique to you, just general frustration w the market.


on the flip side, u have something unique to u, so use that and call it something unique, perhaps paying homage to the cut only mum

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