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Lemon Cake

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theres a lot more to "potency" than a thc % you'll find. Some 10%'ers will blow my socks off, while some 20%'ers are tiring slack jawed dimwit fodder, for me, while others find no relief from either. I would guess it dependent upon one's expectations, diet, mood, health, age, etc.

even though you have no input so far here, will you be so kind to post the results when you receive them?


thank you

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These were vegged under T5 until 20-24" tall then flowered. I flowered for 70 days under a 1k. The people at arborside said 8-10. My environment wasn't perfect this run but idk if any Michigander did with this winter. At 70 days she was quite milky and just slightly Amber. The lab does a comments section where they do a nice analysis. It said that there were still a good amount of clear and milky trichomes with a slight amount of Amber. I wanted to get it close to 15-20% Amber before I pulled but she just wouldn't turn for me.

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