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Hi New Mmmp Grower


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Hello I've staying growing a couple plants and I need help....I tried to start six seeds in cups...four died and two lasted...I've moved them from the cups to the pots that I would like then in....I'm using a 400 watt led light and I've been using miracle gro organic soil...ive been told that that was the wrong soil but my plant had been growing alright in it....over the last the days though my plant has been turning brown on the tips if the leaves...I water them every five to six days...I haven't gave then any nutrients and I don't know if I should or not...I can provide pics I need help from my fellow mmmp...ty

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perk up, means the directions of the leaves. if the plant is healthy, the leaves will be perking.

its kind of hard to describe so here is the timelapse video of marijuana which will show leaves perking up and resting down.




resto's advice is good. remember you can always underfeed, but once you overfeed, then you are screwed. if the soil has ferts in it already, unless your plants start yellowing, i wouldnt feed them. maybe only organic like compost tea but plain water is good.


if the brown tips are just the very last tip of leaf, it should be ok. if more of the leaf goes brown then you could have some ph problem and a water flush might help. maybe some cal-mag (epsom salt) or also ph test your water. make sure you are using filtered water , not chlorinated tap water -- unless you let it sit out for the clorine to evaporate.

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