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New Renewal Forms

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It's time for me to renew and i have a few questions?

I assume they want copy of patient and caregiver id,if you have one?
Do they still want copy of drivers license front and rear?
Does anyone know where there is a good place to go to get certified in Macomb County?
This form looks too easy to fill out,what are some common mistakes that will get you denied?
How long are renewals taking these day's, and thanks for any help.

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common mistakes for denial:

1. using a COPIED form

you must use the original form that you wrote /signed on, they will not accept copies of your signature etc.


2. white out

just dont do it.


3. name on application must match license copy. license copy must be readable. if having problems with copy machine, try using an enlarged copy of your license, like 200% or 300%.

seems simple.


4. forgetting a box. did you check all the boxes?

dont forget a box!


5. illegible.

try to write english or have someone else help you write on the form.

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I've seen websites offering a link to the new forms. An Adobe fill in the blanks printable form is what the state provides us.

The forms are free and available here;http://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/LARA_BHCS_MMMP_CareGiver_Change_Form_0115_478319_7.pdfhttp://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/LARA_BHCS_MMMP_Patient_Change_Form_0115_478317_7.pdf


Using a website to link to these forms may expose your very private information or that of a patient as you complete the forms. For best results go directly to the state mi.gov links listed above. a service announcement from the peanut gallery

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I filled out a change c.g form, ,I loved that I could fill it in on my pc, that form dont ask for alot of info, just my name,pt # and birthday, and only the name of your present c.g, nothing else about the c.g or pt and when you print it off it is ready to go, write a check for 10 bucks and take it to the post office, send it signed on delivery and now I wait for my personal check to cash, I was told that I am not legal to grow until I get my plastic, and they told me they dont do change forms as quick as they do renews or first app's.  I have time lol!



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Sounds about right Jim........... I have a patient I taught to grow and will now be switching over to grow their own. Sent in a drop patient form (did it that way to test how this new process would work as far as a caregiver dropping a patient) check was cashed on 2/25 and waiting on the confirmation of the switchover. Patient has not received new card yet and I have not received a letter yet. Will let everyone know the results on time, notification, etc.


Patient is very excited to start her new journey so I hope they get it done soon. It will be a great thing to see another self reliant patient in the mix.

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Well speak of the devil. Just got the notification letter today confirming that I removed the patient and that card is now null and void. Letter says to destroy card or send it back to LARA within 14 days. Will find out tomorrow if patient has received new card yet. Looks like around 3 weeks from mailing drop a patient form.

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