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Pot Makes You Smarter, If You Live In Co.


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Study Finds Marijuana Increases Your IQ


Originally seen on Cannabis Culture| A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, examined whether marijuana lowered intelligence levels in users. The study was largely ignored by US media, while within Canada, the results seemed to depend on which newspaper headline you read.


- See more at: http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/study-finds-marijuana-increases-your-iq/#sthash.CHpnKXQG.dpuf

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My experience with cannabis leads me to believe that intelligence can be boosted with it. The free wheeling way it makes me think has always been its most attractive characteristic; hence the ideas we have that we sometimes surprise or even amaze ourselves with. Granted, short term memory is impaired while directly under the influence and while intoxicated, but I believe it causes alternate neural pathways from our baseline to be conductive, forming more wide ranging associations between cerebral locations and in thought. Subsequent to our use we have realized those new ways of thinking and they are more readily accessible to us then, which is by any definition creative, and a hallmark of cannabis use. Putting them to work is not just then possible, but unavoidable. That said, we know it can be for good or ill, depending on a number of other factors. Especially after I've been away from the stuff for even a short while, I really like that wider grasp of thought. I think that all day, every day use is excessive for that purpose, but judicious use is a distinct benefit. I look forward to coming pain treatment that will permit me to use it less frequently, but will never walk away altogether.


Just a thought.

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