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One Pound Of Marijuana Under The Sink Results In No Jail, But

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One pound of marijuana under the sink results in no jail, but judge orders $10,000 fine
GRAND RAPIDS, MI - A 44-year-old man who had already pleaded guilty to violating medical marijuana laws when police found a pillowcase-sized bag of weed in his bathroom last year will not do additional time behind bars, but he will be out $12,700 plus attorney's fees.
Samer Hamed was found guilty Jan. 30 in Kent County Circuit Court of manufacturing and delivery of marijuana.
Hamed was a co-owner of the now defunct Purple Med marijuana dispensary and was arrested in February 2013, when the state courts decided that the businesses did not conform to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. From that case, he pleaded guilty to manufacturing and delivery of marijuana and was sentenced to five months in jail.
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But he was arrested again on May 7 when police searched Hamed's home near Four Mile Road NE and the East Beltline Avenue.
According to court testimony, police found 20 ounces of marijuana under the bathroom sink, another 33 grams in a Volkswagen in the garage, $2,702 in cash, a legally-owned rifle and shotgun.
Attorney Frank Stanley said his client still maintains that he was doing his very best to follow the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, but the law as currently interpreted makes it very difficult for most people to follow the law.
Grand Rapids narcotics officers testified that the amount of pot found in Hamed's home was far beyond any what anyone could claim for personal use and it had a retail value of more than $6,000.
At Hamed's sentencing hearing Tuesday, March 17, Stanley said his client was out the $2,700 seized by police and held as a civil forfeiture allowable under state and federal law.
Stanley said his client is out of the marijuana business unless and until the State Supreme Court overturn's recent Appeals Court decisions that made Hamed's actions illegal. Stanley said it is just too costly.
Judge Donald Johnston added to the cost by assessing a $10,000 fine and placing Hamed on three years of probation during which time Hamed cannot drink, go to bars or use drugs.
"I don't know if there is much reason to impose further incarceration," Johnston said.

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