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Local Zoning Board May Ban Marijuana Dispensaries

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The medical marijuana debate continued in Benzie County as zoning board members considered an ordinance that would effectively ban dispensaries... One part of Michigan's often confusing medical marijuana law.

“It left a lot of questions unanswered, such as patient to patient transfers, could marijuana be sold, what is usable marijuana,” said Benzie County Prosecutor Sara Swanson.

Those questions--the subject of heated debate across the state.

Law enforcement says most dispensaries are technically illegal.

“A medical marijuana dispensary can only dispense to five individuals,” said Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel. “To have a store front is meaningless.”

“It's highly likely there would be illegal activity,” said Swanson.

Marijuana advocates argue they're within their rights; dispensaries or provisioning centers, they say, provide a service...

But again, it's a confusing lanscape, filled with legal gray areas...

And what some see as a problem...

“The problem is when you have overage and sometimes greed takes over common sense,” said Schendel. “What are you going to do with that overage? They tend to sell it to others and the minute you do that, you've violated the law.”

Others see as the best way to bring medicine to the people who need it most and to further complicate the situation, two new state bills look to clarify certain aspects of the law and could change the debate altogether.

For now, in Benzie County... Questions remain about what the ordinance should say, how it will be enforced... Even the need for it altogether.

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