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Recreational Vs Medical?


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I had a fun discussion with a patient last week about this. The best questions that came up were these. I couldn't answer them either. 

If a recreational use of mj was passed and allowed  2.5 ounces, and 12 plants, transfers thereof.....what do you think would happen with our medical law?  for instance......

why register with the state as a caregiver in the first place (grow/sell more?), if anyone can grow/buy/sell anyways?  As other states roll in with rec use/possession I suspect ours to follow suit one day soon. 


there is no freedom if nature is illegal

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I've had the same discussions with  many others all the time and it is my own opinion that if we don't do something Lansing will do it for us and it won't be good i would also like to know if there is another word i could use  other then  ( recreational use ) ? 


​But i am  a real person and i do know it won't matter what i think nor anyone else because of the word Billion $$$$ i feel like more is going on then anyone knows and there is a lot of powerful people that want that Billion 



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States with rec pot still have strong med pot advocates. There must be some advantages to having both rec and med pot running in parallel rather than letting the med pot laws be replaced with the newer rec laws. What happens if the med pot laws vanished, and conservatives later remove legal rec pot?


Med pot might not be taxed while rec pot certainly would be taxed. Also, you could still grow med pot even if big companies lobbied for limiting rec pot growing to force folks to patronize commercial dispensaries. In other words, if the rec pot laws change, med pot folks would retain their own med law that would not necessarily have to change. With legal rec pot, will med pot laws be liberalized? Keeping them separate would allow for this to happen.


In Mich, med pot's Sec 8 defense would let you possess more than 2.5 oz and 12 plants. Other states' med pot laws probably have advantages over what I call "limited legal rec pot". If pot became completely legal, you could store up a year's worth just like you can beer or tomatoes. We won't see "wild in the streets" legal pot for a while.

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good thoughts for sure. another one that came up was if a patient can buy mj anywhere/anybody legally, what could be the fate of a cg?




"somebody else to grow for them without charging retail prices"  will put cg's on top of the supply chain, or right out of it maybe?  as cg's are less needed in the scenario, as mj is available from all the people who it used be available from, without registration, their possible boutique craft may actually gain value, rather than keep prices down?


I would be perfectly happy to grow just my own, and/or legally sell to whom I choose, and if its sans the registration process, whoohooo! right?  (we're prolly missing something I told my patient)

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"recreational" isn't a bad word. I can think of prescription medication that is specified as a recreational drug. Hair growth, boners, botox, Levitra.

I'd include antidepressants too, since there is no medical test to determine their need, and the doc says "try it, tell me how you like it, if it makes you feel good, if not we'll try another till we get it right". sounds recreational to me. :dodgyrun:

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Your confusing recreational with "restore normal function" and "elective".


I tend to agree with you maybe, except the line between a medical use or a recreational one that is perhaps "making me feel better/making me think better/making me act better is a blurred one when the herb is used to make me feel better/make me think better/make me act better. At least too blurred for us to define this way, ultimately ending in continued repression of our nature and further oppression of our people.


I ask what is the difference between ones recreational use and their medical use? who decides the blurred lines?

I say free the weed already, for all to enhance when needed. We don't need to separate the two, but be careful what we wish for when we do.



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