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Mentally Ill Saginaw Man Shot Dead By Police Firing Squad


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Just had this story pop up, realize it's a little older now but still.







Dash cam from the event-  


Saginaw, MI — The gruesome dashcam video of a summary execution of a mentally ill man by police has been released to the public this week.
The video shows six police officers, in firing squad fashion, execute mentally ill, Milton Hall, in broad daylight in a Saginaw parking lot.
Hall was several meters away from the closest police officer when the shots began. He posed very little threat to the officers as he was armed with a small pocket knife and could have easily been brought down with a taser.
Six Saginaw police officers fired 47 times at the 49-year-old Hall, striking him 11 times. Police claim Hall acted aggressively, according to then-Saginaw County Prosecutor Michael D. Thomas.
The video was obtained by the ACLU from the family of Hall. It provides a more detailed depiction of the incident that day than the original cellphone footage. 
According to the Huffington Post, the ACLU presented the police dashboard footage to representatives of the Organization of American States on Monday in an attempt to pressure the federal government to take another look at Hall’s death.
The shooting was “not only reckless, but clearly unjust, and also grossly violated Milton Hall’s human right to life,” Fancher said.
The Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan and the FBI announced their joint decision on Feb. 25.
“After a thorough investigation, federal authorities have determined that this tragic event does not present sufficient evidence of willful misconduct to lead to a federal criminal prosecution of the police officers involved,” a news release stated.




Article link-- http://thefreethoughtproject.com/graphic-video-released-firing-squad-style-police-killing-mentally-ill-man/

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yea its older and didnt get the protests it should have gotten!


I hate pigs!




edit= I wouldnt want to be a cop! Im sorry but some one said for every one they kill they will kill 2 of them (cops) and they did it the next day, unfortunatly they were not white male cops, they were both mexican and something else,


I dont realy care if people in the ghetto dont dig their way out, If I can any one can, and if young black people are going to kill each other and innocent people in there own homes from drive byes, so be it!

The african american people need more dads to be with their children and bring them up the right way, when it is only mom and she has to work her butt off just to live in the projects, they are not able to be home with their children, it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to ruin it!


Why is that black men have babys all over the ghetto and are not forced to pay child support?  We all need to get help in the inner city's so we can have a better generation of mom's and dad's,


I moved in with my lady 7 yrs ago, her son was 9, her daughter was 12 ,,,and her bad penny (son) was 16, he is a lying thief and I couldnt do anything with that one, he had a dad close by that was in his life and couldnt control him either, but my step son who is gonna be 16 and step daughter who is gonna be 20 are good kids, and my step son most def has been influenced by me...shhhhhhhhhhhh  I always have to watch what I say I dont want him to have my stinking thinking, but I do want him in sports, fishing, hunting, we go camping every yr, this mite be the last yr my boy comes with me, I hope not, but he has a ford ranger that I bought new in 97 that runs great waiting for him when he turns 16!!!!


My only blood son is 27 and a staff sgt in the marines, married with 2 kids and he makes me so proud, I just wish I could go visit him and my grandkids, I have never met my grand kids and would love to more than anyone could know, but I do know they have a mother and father that love them and will teach them the right way to be in life!



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The shooting occurred in July 1, 2012.


How all of those officers felt that they had to have their weapons drawn makes me wonder if they hadn't practiced the firing squad maneuver before.


Police will only point their gun at you for so long. Eventually they can't resist pulling the trigger.


So, they shouldn't draw their weapons in the first place, especially if the 'threat" is 40 feet away armed with a pocket knife.

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That appears to be the date on the cam Rock, the article date is Oct 28, 2014. I'm not honestly sure which is the true to life date of the incident.


@Grass, in that particular parking lot, those rounds that are missing are going over a parking lot and into a main road-way, it's something that they didn't hit anyone else accidentally.

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Iv never seen this before. Truly, just truly effed up. I mean come on... based on that video, at what point did he represent a threat?!? At how many points could they have done at least two less than leathal options... 1) let the dog take him down, 2) taser him. Even if 3 or 4 of the cops bum rushed him, he would've been taken down.


47 shots? 47. 36 of which missed. Just effed up.


Its not new to think, but le really has the effect of a terrorizing organization.

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While some may question the police tactics in this instance, please remember they were also protecting that friendly little puppy the K9 officer was cuddling. Imagine what might have happened to the dog if the officer had let go of the leash.

I realy hope you are joking!  I love my dog, but I love my dad more, I would sick my dog on anyone attacking my dad and well the dog may not make it, but my old man will!


I realy do hope you are joking!

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This is a great example of abuse that can and should be taken to court under the ADA. Police are required to accommodate people with disabilities, mental or physical, but as we clearly see, ignore that. The Justice Department had been lenient against police brutality and has investigated this incident, but things might be different since the recent interest in all things that include excessive police intrusion.

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