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Nyc Hp-13 Ggg gentleman Series


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Never heard of the "Gentlemens" series, but their "Bast--ard" (Hopefully the philter dont snag it- but I'll edit until the point is across!) I found a small bit from M4k on IC from


-- "While these are untested, the parents used are all proven genetics. The fathers are all the GGG males that you seen in our stables (current and past projects). It would be futile to test these since there is a lot of randomness involved but you will see phenotypes you've probably never seen before (especially when you cross an exotic racy genetic with an indoor variety)."


-Post #5 on the page






The post was made on 2-17-12 at 10:26pm- so I'd wager that their father plants up to that point, whatever they were, would be of whatever strains they had up to that point used as fathers.


Sorry if it wasn't any help, but blop, there it be.

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That's what I was worried about.  Same I'm worried about with the diamonds and dust.  They used outdoor varieties with and indoor female so you may get hermies with the quick light drop.  Oh well, I'll just have to watch.  Still wish I could figure what those males were, since their site doesn't really make it easy to figure a timeline.

I didn't realize it was open pollination, thought it was the original cross to make the NYC hp-13.  Should be interesting to see what comes out of it. 

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New York City Hash Plant - Thirteen :)

HP-13 was a clone only strain of great repute.  Gage Green Group crossed the hp-13 with ECSD? and something else I think.  Then they released that and the pack I bought said b a s t a r d in illegible red bubble lettering on it.  This was the NYC HP-13 that they left in a room with all the males they were using at the time. They didn't say what males and from the description of the b a s t a r d series they just say that they threw all their males to it.  Then you can't find what males they had in the room at the time.  I hope their still good since these seeds seem to be from 2011.

Just having buyers remorse since others got these packs for $40.  Went to jc3 yesterday and made an impulse buy before seeing what it really was.  Not a problem just not what I thought.

Like I said I'd like to have known if there were outdoor onlies mixed in.

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Gage Green Genetics put our finest mothers into an open pollination with our top performing fathers (from Chemdawg OG to Inferno Haze) to offer a broad selection for the genetic connoisseur.



We are introducing a new line of seeds called the gentlemen Series. We created this series using several different females (from stable indoor varieties like the Chemdawg Sour Diesel to outdoor landraces like the Colombian Black). We took each female and conducted an open-pollination using all the GGG males that were flowering at the time. That means that every pack will contain a unique combination of seeds from various males that have been used at GGG.


Between now and then, we do have some exciting things coming out like the gentlemen series which features seeds with one select female and a group of select Gage Green Genetics males (OG, Chem OG, Mendo Montage, Purple Elephant OG, Grande Supremo, Anesthesia, Inferno Haze, Chemdawg Sour Diesel, Colombian Black/Colombian Gold, Willie Nelson)


Im sure there were more males but this is what i found.

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I don't know what the diamonds are crossed with but almost every seed had popped out something OGKB related.


I know they had some issues around the time these releases were coming out. One of their workers got caught with jewelry and car keys that didn't belong to him. He switched all the tags, and poisoned a lot of plants, and left. The Basturds, and DD series were born.

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A plant lipid applied one time to the fan leaves of the plant at onset of flower will end all sexual confusion by blocking the hormone that messages the expression.

If you cant make it the grow stores/amazon carry it, called Reverse, by Dutch Master. I've used it one time on my long running Tahoe OG Kush several years ago with no issue. I didn't apply it until I saw the sex confusion early in flower. 20 bucks a quart, only need a few drops.

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Oh that's the been the pack the geeks are all fired up about too, only Basturd to sell out with a quickness. If your uncomfortable running it...

Just got it yesterday at jc3, they had more. 


If it was just indoor males that pollinated the NYCHP13 then I'm stoked. and getting 16 seeds instead of 12 isn't bad.  I can't really say till they're run, just not what I thought off the bat.  I like diversity and the chance at a cross they didn't release pure.  I'm just gun shy on bringing seeds made outside to the inside for fear of hermie issues.  May just be voodoo, we'll see with the diamonds and dust.


  The diamonds and dust were all grown outdoor, indoor and outdoor strains, I think?


Thanks for all the replies!

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