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Just Say No To Tamisium

knucklehead bob

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I know this ain't Texas , but . . .


There is no DEA or federal permit available.
You have to contact your state Dept of Public Safety in TX or whatever it is called in your state. In TX once you obtain a piece of glassware you have a certain amount of time to obtain the permit or you will be committing a felony. However, Tamisium Extractors are not yet controlled by TX state law due to them being new and different. So that is a loophole. To keep a good reputation with the Narcotics Agency in TX I have agreed to report TEXAS sales of that equipment along with any other controlled lab equipment as required.
I do not have to report sales in other states. It is up to the customer to take care of that their self.

I am not aware of any other state that requires a permit similar to what TX requires. That being said the laws in those states change all the time and I am aware of certifications that are being required for MMJ labs. As far as labs extracting from other plants, not sure...



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Meijer's =flagging large iso sales
Gas Supplier=Flagging large c02/butane sales
Smoke Shops=flagging butane sales
Grow Stores= police monitored
high times= advertisers raided
to be fair the manu supplies the phone number and name of the lady who issues permits in texas, informs texas buyers(both of them) they will need a permit, and more details. This is why gun store tables selling glassware are popular, some rules governing lab ware in our state also  I think.
here is his follow up post on the matter;
"Of course they are aware. I inform anyone of our legal requirements and they are required by law to obtain a permit in TX IF THEY PURCHASE GLASSWARE. We do not sale glassware or precursor chemicals or any controlled extraction equipment which does not include a tamisium. However most people live in other states that purchase tamisium extractors.
The tamisium extractor is not controlled however, if they pass a law the requirement to report that sale will be in effect. With every supplier.
Do I have any customers in TX. In 3000 plus sales I think I sold 2 extractors in TX and I am sure they have lab permits.

Permits in TX are not like permits for MMJ. In TX we are allowed to have extraction equipment but obviously you are not allowed to extract from illegal plants.
Here is a link that explains more.

This permitting structure is geared toward keeping track of equipment to prevent falling into the hands of felony type labs like meth labs. Since Tamisium Extractors cannot produce meth they are not controlled.

By the way, we have a permit and when you have a TX permit you have to obey the rules and laws just like CO and WA or any other state that sales controlled equipment and substances. You cant have a multi million dollar company thrive under the radar with a global presence. We also report our sales to the IRS and pay taxes. Come on Guys!"

shop safely my friends.


edit(not defending the company or its practices, and not affiliated either. When I worked with the product they sell it was great. I extracted bales of rosemary bushes for a chef and his restaurant.

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  when I went to buy a bb gun from gander mountain I was required to have a criminal background check, drop it off at the police station for a safety check and registration. geesh.


like pic says, they're all over the place used now that you cant get one of the gases most desired. ntane




when my buddy bought a tamisium new in 2008 he saw the texas rule on the website, old news, figured it was there to help texas buyers stay legal in their state.

He says on that link that he sold 2 in texas so far.

no worries, but a great excuse to save 1500 bucks for something else. keep in mind that buying nbutane right here in the state will require special permits also, so without those normal store butane, or other solvents would be used anyways.

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the plus of the tami is the recoup/reuse of the original fill up. the tami holds 400 grams(about five normal store cans), but this amount can be completely removed/collected via pressure/vacuum/temp in 1 hour. quality alcohol is expensive. The issue between smoking it or eating it is a removal one. Once 100% of the solvent is gone, I've smoked it like normal, though some solvents will target different constituents but iso/kleen/butane/ is pretty darn close. I've used alcohol in a tami, x weight goes in, when x weight comes out it leaves product behind, its clean.  


store butane can be loaded into it, and further distilled, removing impurities, and then re used forever for thought.

the biggest issue with store butane seems to be the mystery oil left behind. I've seen this oil with one run, but once cleaned out

its gone for good. there is no difference in taste or appearance or process with Nbutane  vs  store cans.


considering I've mainly made this for myself I would have been fine with my old Honey Bee and a can of King, but you know me, I got to take things to the end. tami was that end, anything else to me would be inferior, not the product, but the process. my honey bee blast tube made the identical ends for me.

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